Here is your success path.  

This is a guide to help you to see where you are in your journey from confusion to clarity.



Stage 1 – Confusion

When you first come to this membership you might be ready for a new way of living, you know things have to change but you might be overwhelmed by life, full of anxiety and stress. 

Or you could be overwhelmed by too much diet information and fed up with going on the latest weight loss programme only to end up back where you started. 

You might be overworked, overweight and overthinking.

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Stage 2 – Change

When you get to this stage, you’re willing to make a change. 

You’re willing to do something different even if that makes you uncomfortable.  You’re willing to see that life isn’t always the way you see it in this moment and our view on circumstances and feelings change more often than we realise.

You start to see possibilities, you see the possibility that things can and will change.  

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Stage 3 – Letting go

At this stage, you are starting to see that you can change your habits and that your behaviour isn’t you.  

That you don’t have a defined role that you have to stick to, that you can be who you chose to show up as.

You see that you don’t have to treat thought as real, you don’t have to follow a thought just because you thought it.  You start to pause before you act, you start to question where do you think your feeling is coming from? 

 Watch this video to learn more about stage 3

Stage 4 – Transformation

At this stage you remember what it’s like to eat and think less. You remember what it’s like to feel less anxious about food and life.

When you stop identifying with habits and behaviours, You see how you are running old habits without realising and how these habits affect your behaviour and you start to see how you can live in a different way. 

Watch this video to learn more about stage 4

Stage 5 – Clarity

As I’ve mentioned before, this stage isn’t the end of the journey. You will achieve moments of absolute clarity and then fall back in to a misunderstanding of where your experience is coming from. When you have moments of anxiety, despair of eating doughnuts, so what? You can remember the clarity that you have at times too.

You feel empowered because you no longer feel a victim to foods and moods.

You’ve changed so many things. The way you eat and the way you think.

 Watch this video to learn more about stage 5

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