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Why a 30 day Reset challenge? Because I want you to take on a small challenge every day to celebrate the new you that you are every day.

After all, you’re not the person you were last week. Biology changes, circumstances might change, feelings change so let’s change the way you do things too.

Let’s keep things fresh.

Every week we’re going to have a new topic. Week one is Mind, week two is Body, week three is Wealth and week four is Self.

Every day, there will be a new video for you, the videos are short, around five minutes or so and will prompt you to take different action that day.

And the videos will stay in the Reset programme for you to revisit at your leisure.

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Would you like to be free from addition forever?

Addiction comes in many forms; drugs. alcohol, gambling, exercising, internet porn and even spending too much time on social media and so I don’t bore you by repeating a long lists of addictions during this course, I’ll often use the example of alcohol addiction and the male gender.

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What is overwhelm?

When you feel overwhelmed, you feel pressure and pressure is really hard to deal with. When you feel under pressure, you get overwhelmed by everything you have to do, it feels as if everything is weighing you down.

The key to overcoming overwhelm is to go back to the beginning to see where over- whelm comes from but this doesn’t mean you need to delve in to your past, nor does it mean that you need to examine your life to see why you’re getting overwhelmed. In fact, you may be surprised when you see where overwhelm comes from.

This course was created a few years ago and I might use a slightly different language to describe life now but the feeling is the same.

Sit back and prepare to let go of overwhelm forever!

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Watch this course to find the Four Simple Steps to Easy Weight Loss.

And Four Myths about weight loss that people often believe

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This course includes everything you might want to love food and lose weight without dieting.

Dip in and out and let the information sink in at your own pace.

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