Is your life more S**t than Shizzle?

Then you need a programme for True Transformation

What is Mind and Body Academy?

And why should you join?

Because you know there’s more to life.

You might know what you could do to have the life you want?

You might know how to do it?

So why aren’t you doing it?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed and overeating, feeling anxious or stressed and would like to be free of these behaviours?

Health and wellbeing are your natural state and this membership will bring you back to where you want to be

I’ll help you to go on a journey from the confusion of overthinking about how you feel, and how you eat, to clarity around foods and moods. So you can feel confident and stress free in mind and body.

When mind and body work together, that’s when you have transformation.

And that’s why you should join!



It all feels too difficult.
If only you could get your head together, you could stop overthinking and overeating.
If you were less stressed and anxious, you could eat better and feel better.



You’re excited to make changes to the way you think and the way you eat.
You know these changes will help you to navigate life in an easier way and to feel better in mind and body.


Letting go

You start letting go of your old habits.
You realise that your behaviour isn’t who you are and that you can show up differently.

You’re getting a fresh perspective.

You know you can do this.



You remember what it’s like to have less weight on your body – and on your mind.

You feel healthy and wellbeing is your natural state.

What it’s like to feel good just because you can.



You feel happy being you.

You’ve let go of old habits of thinking and eating.Layers of conditioned thinking have dropped away

You’re truly weightless in mind and body.

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Transform your mind


A weekly video for you talking about why we behave the way we do and how easy and effortless it is to let go of all the old habits and behaviours.

Everything can change in a moment, even when nothing changes


Articles that engage your brain as we discuss what we think and what we do in a variety of ways.


Courses for you to enjoy from Overcoming Overwhelm and Addiction to Losing Weight

Transform your body

Nutritional news

As well as looking at the way we think about food, it’s also good to know what food does to our mind and body.


Each week, there’ll be a new plant-based recipe for you to try.  These recipes are not diet recipes, they’re not low fat or carb free.  But they are healthy and so tasty that the whole family will love them.


Books for you to enjoy to transform your mind and body

Stay connected


Each month we have a 60 minute webinar where you can be coached if you choose or we can just hang out.  The webinars are via zoom and recorded so you don’t have to worry about missing one.

Private Facebook group

We have a private facebook group where you can get yourself an accountability buddy if you want, share insights or ask questions.  It’s up to you.

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Just for members

Press the Reset Button

Press the reset button with this brand new transformational programme.

30 days to find the new you

Over 2.5 hours of  video to transform you including:

Week One – Mind. How to become an ideas machine and live a Hell Yes life

Week Two – Body. How to give yourself a younger body and treat yourself with essential oils

Week Three – Wealth.  How to transform your money attitude and resist emotional spending

Week Four – Self. How to give yourself the gift of time and become your own best friend.

What members say …


If you look up the word Academy you will find that one of the suggested meanings is “ a learned establishment for the advancement of knowledge”

This is exactly what I have found in the “Mind Body Academy” created by the amazing Elaine Hilides.

I came into this group thinking I had a good handle on the topics that I “assumed” would be discussed. However, the depth and variety of information provided and the new insights that are presented within the videos and articles have allowed me to explore topics at a deeper level and at my own pace. The addition of the Facebook group also gives me the opportunity to ask questions and connect with the other members of the group in between the monthly webinars which is invaluable.

Then there are the fabulous recipes that are so delicious and yet so easy to prepare, even a kitchen-phobe (new word?) like me can get their head around! Delicious.

Not to mention the fact that more and more content is being added on a weekly basis so you are always expanding or enhancing your knowledge and understanding.


If you were thinking this group sounds interesting then you would be right, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to you.

Thank you Elaine

Maureen York

Coacush, Speaker and Retreat Leader


“I’m so glad I joined Elaine’s Mind & Body Academy. It’s my safe place & comforter; whenever insecure thoughts run wild in my head. . . .

I return for a browse most days; to see what’s new and find out if Elaine has posted another article or topical video. . . .

The whole site is full of good sense and wisdom and there’s a fun Facebook Page too. Elaine gently reminds me that I’m human and, despite what I may feel at the time, resilient and strong. . .

In a mad world, full of conflicting nutritional advice, her recipes are easy to follow, quick and delicious. . .

Sustenance for body and mind, in all senses of the word . . . “

Best Regards, Pat Duxbury

I am a member of ‘Mind and Body Academy’. It was a no brainer for me to join as there are amazing tasty recipes regularly added to, helpful videos and articles.

There is a Facebook group where we encourage and keep in touch with Elaine and other members.  But best of all is Elaine!

Such a kind generous helpful human being. She always makes me feel at home and truly understands where I’m coming from. She is an inspiration. 

Sue Lachman

Out of all the information and misinformation and conflicting theories out there Elaine has sifted the wheat from the chaff.  There is so much wisdom in all she says about out relationship to food.

Her programme covers everything and Elaine takes the time to engage with everyone and there is genuine care and support here.


Out of all the information and misinformation and conflicting theories out there Elaine has sifted the wheat from the chaff.  There is so much wisdom in all she says about out relationship to food.

Her programme covers everything and Elaine takes the time to engage with everyone and there is genuine care and support here.


I joined the Mind and Body Academy right at the start and I am so glad I did. I get so much benefit from the weekly videos and really like that there is a transcript to go alongside them – thank you Elaine for adding that in after feedback so I can either watch them or read the content.

I love reading the articles and nutritional news that regularly appear. There is always something new to learn. Your knowledge and experience really shine through with all the content you make available. You are so generous with all the information you share and I can see it making a difference in my life. My portion size and food choices are already changing.

I have been on every diet going and for the first time ever feel like I am making lasting changes that are easy and natural rather than forced and based on will power – which never worked! I am a reformed yo yo dieter thanks to your support. I enjoy the monthly webinar and it feels like I am having additional coaching, your style is so engaging and personal. There is also such a variety of recipes, that are simple and easy to make and adapt. Although they are vegan I can see how I can adapt to suit my lifestyle as well.

Thank you also for making the ‘Mindfullness: the no diet diet book’ available on the Facebook group. I am looking forward to discussing some of the points on our coaching call and within the group. Everyone in the group are really supportive and there is a growing community feel to it.

I am bowled over with your generosity and expertise and look forward to seeing all the boats rise with the tide in my life as I continue to learn and deepen my understanding on this transformation journey. I highly recommend anyone to join for what is such a low joining fee, you will be so pleased you did – I know I am.

Fiona Morey, Business Consultant and reformed yo yo dieter thanks to Elaine

Doors currently closed

Here’s a sample of what you’ll get inside the membership.

Sign up and see more.


Do you think change is difficult?

Why is it that, if you want to change something in your life, you’re not?

This can be the case in many areas including weight, addiction or relationships. You know you need to do something and yet you aren’t doing anything?


Sweet Potato, Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry

1 tbs coconut oil
1 chopped onion
1 crushed garlic clove
1 large chilli (optional)
2” fresh ginger or tsp of ginger powder
2-3 sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped in to small chunks
1 cauliflower, chopped in to florets
1 tin chickpeas

See the rest of the ingredients and method in recipes


What’s your story?

You may not believe that you tell stories. After all, didn’t you, or your siblings, ever get chastised when you were young and told to, ‘stop telling stories’ which normally meant that you were telling tales about someone else’s misdeeds or telling your teacher that the dog ate your homework.


Nutritional News

Spice up your life!

Spices are the kind of thing that you either use frequently or you find an old jar languishing at the back of the cupboard two years out of date.

But spices are incredibly beneficial for health and weight loss, so why aren’t we told about their benefits more often? Could it be because weight loss supplements and herbal tablets cost pounds whereas spices cost pennies (weight by weight).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this you?

I'm too overwhelmed

I absolutely understand.  When you’re overwhelmed you don’t know where to start and you feel permanently tired and worn out.

Maybe you can’t stop thinking about something that has happened, or that has been said, and you’re overwhelmed with feelings of anger or upset.

Change feels too difficult.

I’ll help you to see how easy change can be and to say goodbye to overwhelm for good.

I've tried everything to lose weight

I get it. I’m often called, ‘Last Chance Saloon’ because people have tried everything before they find this membership.

You might have struggled all your life with weight issues, yoyo dieting, binge eating and you’ve been on every diet invented.

This membership will show you how to lose weight without dieting.  Without counting calories and without deprivation.



I feel like I'm waiting for life to start

Do you think that your life can start when you’re not so stressed or when you lose weight?  When you get more motivation to exercise? When you find the energy to change jobs?  Find the right partner?  Or any other reason.

I don’t want you to wait any longer.

I’ll help you to find the transformation you’re looking for.


I'm so anxious and stressed

That is not a nice place to live.

When you’re anxious and stressed your world gets smaller, you worry about the past and fear the future.

Imagine how good you’ll feel when these feelings don’t control how you live your life?  I’ll show you in this membership that you can feel free.

What has mind got to do with weight?

In this membership, we look at the biology behind the mind and body connection and see how everything you think affects everything you feel.

The articles and videos will help you to get a new understanding of how overthinking causes overeating.

And how you can stop both.

I want a magic wand

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

What would you do with a magic wand?  Would you drop weight? Feel happier? More confident and less insecure?

I haven’t got a magic wand for you but I do have everything you need in this membership to get all the things you want – without a magic wand.

Who am I?

Wellbeing and Freedom Coach

My name is Elaine Hilides, I’m an International coach, trainer and speaker and a no.1 author.

I’ve worked professionally in the field of Mind and Body for over a decade and have worked with hundreds of clients helping them to live a life of health and freedom.


My Life

I’m lucky enough to live on the South Coast in the UK as close to the sea as is possible and even luckier that I can work with clients all over the world from my office.

After I had cancer in 2008, I decided to overhaul my life to become as happy and healthy in both body and mind as I could and I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve discovered with you.

I’ve eaten plant based foods for years and love trying out new recipes that I’ll share with you.

And I drive everyone mad when I leave cupboards and drawers open!


I worked with NLP, TFT and CBT before being introduced to a new paradigm in 2009, the Three Principles of Mind, Conscious and Thought and I’ve worked exclusively with the principles since then.

I’ve worked in the area of weight loss for over ten years and really enjoy the freedom my clients experience when they let go of all the diet information they’ve filled their heads with – and let go of their weight!

I also work in the fields of addiction, overwhelm, anxiety, stress and depression.

And I love it all.

Why you can trust me

I started studying the Three Principles in 2009 and have been fortunate to train with  the top 3p teachers. I qualified as a 3p Trainer Trainer in 2011 and now mentee others to share their understanding.

I have a BA (hons) and MA in English Literature so you can see that I love a good story.  But now I love helping others see how they are creating their story, their story about their lives, their weight, their habits and behaviours.

In addtion to my principles training, I also have Diplomas in Raw Food coaching, Nutrition and Psychology.